(Interview made for RAW issue 5 - May 1993)

The most popular demo in 1992 was State Of The Art.
A techno demo with dancing girls. So who are these dancing girls ?
We got one of the girls and asked her some questions.

Name, Age and Interests ?
My name is Jannicke Selmer-Olsen. I am nearly 17 years old. I dance discojazz/freestyle once a week. The 6 other days I use at playing in a musical called Pleasure Done with the dance group Behind The Mask. If i've ogt time I'm also a girl guide. Paul is also one of my interests.

So why are you in this demonstration from Paul ?
I just showed Paul my legs and he let me dance.....

How long time did you use to records the dancing ?
Since we are so marvelous dancers we only used one hour.

(She won a norwegian championship in disco dancing years back)

Which music did you listen to while recording ?
We listened to the same as in the demo.

Are you a fan of techno music ?
Not really. I am quite fond of Indian music. The cure, DM and so on.

What do you think about the result of the demo ?
Not bad. Paul is a very clever boy.

What do you think about the music in the demo ?
It's alright! But it is a bit fast at the end !

What do you think of Paul ?
A sexy, pretty, strong, clever, kind guy! (Melt...)

(Ed: How can a boy with weight 45 KG and 1.50 high be STRONG!)

Something else to add ?
eh.. Not really! It was fun working with Paul. Bye !

Screenshot from STATE OF THE ART

Lone Starr at The Party 2 (december 1992)

You may noticed that the girl was a bit "friendly" to Lone Starr.
Wouldn't you also been that if you got $150 dollar for a hour work. 5% of the winning money went to the Jannicke.

(Interview made for RAW issue 5 - May 1993)