November 2002

    Finally some news, people!
    First of all, we would like to welcome Menace as a new member!
    This means that the famous "Scenery" now rides under the Spaceballs flag!
    Useless (and now also Menace) is working on a new site;
    This will contain thousands of adf-images, both demos, games and apps. Retro, retro!
    As Hardfire has his hands full, Menace and Useless now helps out with this site.
    Christmas is coming up folks, and maybe some spb surprises aswell?..
    Stay tuned for more recent updates!

    April 2002

    As usual we won the democompetition at The Gathering, this year
    with a demo entitled Scrimm. The partyversion requires ahi and
    digiboosterlibrary (and is incredibly slow on ALL machines without
    soundcards), but we'll release a fixed version in a couple of weeks..
    We also got 2nd in the 4k-competition and 3rd in the combined pc&amiga
    But most important of all: There's a new Spaceballer in town!
    We are very happy to announce that Exocet is now a member of Spaceballs!

    October 2001

    Finally a new update here!
    The joke-demo Alt hun vil ha was released at Xenox2001 in August,
    and then re-released with a live-show in the wildcompo at TRSAC.
    Also released at TRSAC was our new OCS-demo Hideous Mutant Freaks
    which got first in the oldschool-compo, but also last...
    The next thing now would be an appearance at Kindergarden 2017-16,
    where YOU also should be!

    April 2001

    We won the demo-competition at The Gathering for the third year in a
    row, and that makes it a total of four times!
    This year the demo was PowerGod and we'll have to struggle to come
    up with a heavier name than that.....
    Our A500-4k BadAss 5000 won the 4k-competition, and the 64k Choke
    came third in the (combined) 64k-compo.

    December 2000

    For the first time since Wayfarer 2 was disqualified in 1997 we decided to
    compete with some releases at The Party in Denmark.
    Unfortunately the combined (C64, A500 & 486) 4k-competition was cancelled,
    but we managed to get the third prize in the demo-competition with our
    A500-4k-intro Noisejesus!
    After finishing the 4k at the partyplace Slummy also coded a 40k-intro
    from scratch in 4.5 hours and the result, Willy Bogner, got ranked as #4
    in the 64k-compo.

    October 2000

    Smurphine - Another O.D. , the sequel to the famous Smurph, was released at Kindergarden in Norway, where it wiped away what little competition there was. Another 1st prize for your favourite demogroup!

    August 2000

    Finally there are some news here!

    After a long summer of non-productivity we released an A500-demo (which ofcourse also works on most other amigas) at the Assembly. The fixed version of this demo was also released at the LTP4, and now the demo doesn't require 1mb chip anymore, but will also work on machines with 512k chip + 512k fast.

    Another release from us at LTP4 was the 40k-intro Chiller which won the 64k compo. Download it and see if you can find the hiddenpart...