Spaceballs - the trilogy

The past and the Genesi.

All began in the far 1989, while the amiga scene was rising toward his best years, a teenager with his amiga decided to spend his efforts to start the genesi of one of the major groups that signed the history of the scene.

After several internal mystical conflicts a name for the group was decided! SPACEBALLS from Mel Brooks parody and due the fact that he was the only member he choose for him self the name of : Dark Helmet!.

The second to follow was a young boy, a 15 years old child. The one! The coder that was able to " marvel " the mass of sceners and consacrated himself for several years to hang up high in the charts.... he was: "Lone Starr" author of production like Spasmolytic or 9 Fingers. Later-on followed other people all from the same city Halden,these one's were all well known people like : Major Asshole, Yoghurt, President Screw, Vinnie.

The Success & the Crackdown

The debut was signed in 1990. They presented one of their first work, Spasmolytic, at a Cryptoburners party, the Porsgrunn party held in summer 1991. The people were really impressed by Lone Starr's coding abilties, at least for a 15 year old child able to make an own 3d vector engine faster than many other older coders, but part of the work was also done by the other elements such as Vinnie and Major Asshole.Important to note is that the group was quite completely without any graphician, and this was really not a problem for them, as their coding abilities were really great, something that today coder would learn about. Anyway now Spaceballs were under the reflectors.

The second act was presented at The Gathering in Lillestrom with Wayfarer,which ranked the 1st position.

From this moment , for the mighty crew was all a climax, with releases like, State of the Art 1st place at The Party II in 1992, Nine Fingers at the Party III in 1993,Mobile Destination Unknown 3rd at The Gathering II, The Last Finger 2nd place at The Gathering 95.

Now they were dueling for the 1rst position with groups like kefrens, Sanity,Andromeda,Anarchy and the very first Lemon. and others...

Sceners started to look forward to them and many great people thought to leave their groups in favour of Spaceballs, Danny, SuperNao (Nao), Facet Lizard.. And now after reaching this high point follows an incredible and unexpected fall-down.Thanks to their abilities all the coders were involved into commercial projects with a result of a long inactivity period all other major members left them.

The Rebirth and The future

After a long period of absence breaked by some silent releases from the only left coder, SLUMMY, one of the old members YOGHURT decided to re-organize and bring back in full effect the crew, in early 1997.

The new member list followed in this way: Boo, Duckhunter, Hardfire, Kingpin, Major Asshole, Loverbee, Psalt, Readme, Sator, Scott, Slummy, Thor, Useless, Vinnie, Wipe, Yoghurt and Zack.
While the old glory members like Dark Helmet, Lone Starr, Lord Helmet and President Screw were prohibited to contribute due to other activities (work, school) but were still members. But to tell the truth most of these other people sold their amiga but still contributes using a PC making mods and graphics. But Spaceballs still remains an AMIGA demoscene group only.

On the other hand there are members like Lone Starr , Dark Helmet and Presidend Screw that have no time to donate to the scene , while working for game companies (Innerloop), and making only happy some gamers.

In late 1997, they have gained new coders, and these guys were into the odiern developpement and they contributed with the required assets needed to match the odiern trends , but they were to merge the old 'funny' style with odiern techniques and with some touches of innovation.

Yoghurt, in 1997, asked in 1997 by an demoscene magazine to tell how he thought it was possible to revoluzionize the current demo making? and he replied "I think the key is in organizing and communication.. I have come up with a total new style of organizing.. This is a secret until later.. but I guess it's more related to a company/firm than to a demogroup... but I think this will work well.. Other than this I guess we just have to have fun.. there is no gain in making people do things.. The cooperation between coders, musicians and graphic artists is all!
The old.. I send you a module, I send you a picture.. I put this together and release it method is way out...!"

1998 and above all were years full of releases by Spaceballs, in particular of intros and a few demos, which toped the intros compos of various partys...

Thanks to KaosMaster oF Darkage for writing the SPACEBALLS history in 1997